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Real Estate Listing in Aurora Ontario

February 6, 2024 | by ontarioaurora.com

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Aurora is a wealthy town in the York Region in Real Estate Business, you will find a huge number of Real Estate Listing in Aurora. Aurora is about 20 km north of the city of Toronto. It had 53,203 residents in 2011. It is in the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario; some of it is on the Oak Ridges Moraine. 



The city of Aurora had the 95th most people in Canada in the 2011 Census, up from the 97th most people in Canada in the 2006 Census.



The 2011 Census found that 53,203 people lived in the town. From 2001 to 2006, the town grew by 11.7% per year. The town has a population density of 1,068.8 people per square kilometre, based on its present population and total area. 



The number of people living there is expected to hit 69,688 by 2020 and 62,288 by 2015. Aurora was one of Canada’s wealthiest towns in 2010, with an average family income of $155,463.



73.7% of people who live in Aurora speak English as their first language. Italian comes in at 2.4%, Russian at 2.3%, Farsi Persian at 1.7%, Chinese not stated at 1.5%, and Spanish at 1.4%.



The economy

Fox Valley is home to the huge car parts company Magna International, which Frank Stronach started. Aurora is home to State Farm’s main office in Canada.



Transport: York Region Transit (YRT) and VIVA run the public transport in the town of Aurora. The Aurora GO Station is on the Barrie line. 



Five trains go south to Toronto every morning during the week, and five trains go north every afternoon unless it’s a holiday. 



You can take a GO Transit bus to or from the Union Station Bus Terminal every hour or more, from early morning until late at night. Five YRT bus lines also stop at the Aurora GO Station.



Education: The English Public Board, the English Catholic Board, and the French-language Catholic Board are the three publicly supported school boards in Aurora.



Cost of Living in Aurora, Ontario:

CareerBeacon says that the average cost of living for a single rental in Aurora is $3,477 per month. This includes how much it costs to live, get around, buy food, and have fun. 



The cost of living in Aurora is 2% less than the average in Ontario but 10% more than the average in the United States. Aurora also has 10% more expensive housing than the rest of the country.



Real Estate Aurora, Ontario:

There are a lot of real estate companies in Aurora, Ontario. These include real estate agents, real estate agencies, and real estate consultants.



Investment Potential:

As Aurora grows and evolves, the real estate market presents promising investment opportunities. The town’s commitment to maintaining a high quality of life and ongoing infrastructure developments positions Aurora as a solid investment choice. 



The increasing demand for housing in this thriving community further underlines its potential for long-term appreciation, making it an attractive option for real estate investors.



Aurora Real Estate Market Trends and Average Listings Price

The real estate market in Aurora, Ontario, is always changing, giving buyers and sellers new options. These numbers show how the Aurora home market is changing, which is very helpful. 



The real estate market in Aurora, which is part of the city’s real estate market, has a lot of choices for everyone, whether you want to buy a home or invest.



Listings on the Market: 

The Aurora real estate market has a lot of different homes for sale, so there’s something for everyone. Here’s what’s available right now in each category:

  • There are 164 homes for sale in Aurora, so buyers have a lot of options to find the right home.
  • With 18 townhouses currently on the market, these homes are still a good choice because they are affordable and have enough room for living.
  • Aurora’s condo market has 32 listings, giving people who are interested a convenient and low-maintenance way of life.



Average Listing Price in the previous months: 

To figure out if a home is affordable and to see what the market is doing, you need to look at the average listing prices for the last month.

  • Over the last months, the average price of a home listed in Aurora has been $1,326,633. This shows that people are willing to pay more for quality and value in the real estate market.
  • During the same time frame, the average listing price for townhouses in Aurora has been $799,000, making them an affordable and comfortable place to live.
  • Aurora’s condo market has an average listing price of $599,000. This makes it an appealing and competitive part of the market.



Change in the Average Listing Price: 

To understand how the market is changing, it’s important to know how the average listing price has changed.

  • Over the last month, the average price of a home listed in Aurora went up by 1.9%. This shows that the market is strong and continues to grow.
  • The average selling price for townhouses in Aurora went up by 0.5% during the same time period. This shows that the market is balanced and competitive.
  • The average selling price of condos in Aurora went up by a healthy 1%, showing that they are competitive and in high demand.



Average SOLD Price in the previous months: 

Looking at the average sold prices gives you a good idea of how much things are really worth in the market.

  • The average price of homes sold in Aurora went up by 1% in the last months, showing that demand and property values are stable.
  • During the same time period, the average sold price of townhouses in Aurora went down by 0.2%, which is good news for buyers on a budget.
  • The average sold price of condos in Aurora went up by a healthy 0.5%, which shows how popular and competitive they are.



Inventory and SOLD Numbers:

In the last 60 days, a lot has been going on in the Aurora real estate market:

  • 275 new homes were put on the market, and 220 were sold during this time. The average number of days a home was on the market was 18, and the ratio of selling price to listed price was 99%, which shows that the market was competitive and working well.
  • There were 65 new townhouse sales in Aurora in the last 60 days, and 50 townhouses were sold. Townhouses are still popular; they stay on the market for an average of 15 days and sell for 98% of their listed price.
  • In the past 60 days, 120 new condos have been listed and 100 condos have been sold. Condos spent an average of just 12 days on the market, and the selling-to-listing price ratio was 97%. This shows that there is a lot of interest and demand in this market area.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Real Estate Listing in Aurora:

1. What makes Aurora, Ontario, an attractive place for real estate investment?

Aurora’s appeal for real estate investment lies in its strategic location, natural beauty, strong community spirit, and ongoing infrastructure developments. The town’s commitment to maintaining a high quality of life adds to its allure, making it a solid choice for long-term appreciation.


2. How has Aurora’s population changed over the years?

In 2011, Aurora had 53,203 residents, and it experienced a growth rate of 11.7% per year from 2001 to 2006. The population was expected to reach 69,688 by 2020. These demographic changes contribute to the increasing demand for housing in the area.


3. What is the average family income in Aurora?

As of 2010, Aurora was considered one of Canada’s wealthiest towns, with an average family income of $155,463. This economic prosperity adds to the town’s overall appeal for residents and investors.


4. What are the main languages spoken in Aurora?

The majority of Aurora residents, approximately 73.7%, speak English as their first language. Other notable languages in the community include Italian (2.4%), Russian (2.3%), Farsi Persian (1.7%), and Chinese (not stated) at 1.5%. This linguistic diversity reflects the town’s multicultural character.


5. What major companies contribute to Aurora’s economy?

Fox Valley is home to Magna International, a significant car parts company founded by Frank Stronach. Additionally, Aurora hosts the main office of State Farm in Canada, further contributing to the town’s economic stability and attractiveness for residents and businesses alike.


6. What are the transportation options in Aurora?

York Region Transit (YRT) and VIVA provide public transportation in Aurora, with the Aurora GO Station serving the Barrie line. Commuters have convenient access to Toronto with five trains southbound every morning and five northbound every afternoon, except on holidays. GO Transit buses and five YRT bus lines also connect to the Aurora GO Station.


7. How much does it cost to live in Aurora, Ontario?

According to CareerBeacon, the average cost of living for a single rental in Aurora is $3,477 per month, encompassing living expenses, transportation, food, and entertainment. While Aurora’s living cost is 2% less than the Ontario average, housing is 10% more expensive than the national average.


8. What are the current trends in the Aurora real estate market?

As of recent months, the average listing price for homes in Aurora is $1,326,633; townhouses are listed at $799,000, and condos at $599,000. The market has shown growth, with the average home price increasing by 1.9% and condos by 1% over the last month.


9. How competitive is the real estate market in Aurora?

In the last 60 days, 275 new homes were listed, with 220 sold, reflecting a competitive market. Townhouses and condos also show strong demand, with short average days on the market (15 and 12 days) and high selling-to-listing price ratios (98% and 97%, respectively).


10. What is the inventory and sales performance in the Aurora real estate market?

Over the past 60 days, 120 new condos were listed, and 100 were sold. The average number of days a home was on the market was 18, with a selling-to-listing price ratio of 99%, indicating a robust and efficient market. Townhouses and condos similarly experienced high demand and competitive performance.

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